vineyard_photoCiao Cristo Vineyards In Beautiful Geyserville

Back in the early 1900’s this property was owned by the Marianni Family. They had grape vines along with the traditional family gardens, fruit trees, chickens and livestock. According to the Tedeschi brothers (our neighbors) they remember cutting through the Marianni vineyard to get to school on time.

Fast forward to the early 1980’s. The Eberle Family purchased 40 acres of raw land to raise Black Angus and one huge vegetable garden.

The Tedeschi Brothers, in 1997, began teaching son, John Eberle, the art of wine making. By 2001, John was itching to grow his own grapes. Every weekend he would leave the city to work the land, to install the drip system, to dig each hole and to plant each vine, a labor of love.

Today John has 5 acres of delicious, jammy Zinfandel grapes. The wine is now produced off site allowing more room for our quaint little village. Each area and storefront has been created and designed by John Eberle. His vision has been inspired by our Lord who is responsible for most of the ideas and the unfolding of our unique place.